I grew up without air conditioning in Chicago because central air came out much later in my life. As a new bride in the early 60’s, I still had no clue as to how the whole cooling system worked.

After we moved to Florida into a house without a modern cooling system, on one extremely hot and humid day, my husband and I followed our neighbors’ lead and had a cooling system installed in our suburban home. We hired a young guy who installed air conditioning units as a part time job. Being green and inexperienced in business transactions, hubby and I made a silly mistake; we didn’t ask enough questions of the installer and barely paid attention to what he did tell us. After a few days we couldn’t help but notice that the house was getting uncomfortably cold. Frustrated, we called AC Repair Pinellas Park and had them come out to fix whatever was going wrong. Boy! Did we have “egg on our face” when we were told that the only problem was that the thermostat needed to be set to a higher temperature. In our failure to learn the basics of air conditioning when it was first put in, we missed a very important step and it cost us some money that we could have avoided spending.

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Book Club

In the midst of the monthly meeting of my book club, we ladies got to chatting about family celebrations and the way in which each of us plans and carries out the events. Among the ten of us, it was interesting to hear how differently we all do things. Some of the gals go all out, cooking, cleaning and preparing homemade recipes and actually making their own home decorations. A couple rely on their kids to assist with all of the preparations and one said she entertains on a low key basis….drinks accompanied by chips and dip and no thought to special decor. The remaining women confessed that they often rent from businesses that specialize in party supplies. The name that came up the most was Done rite Party Rentals. I guess what I learned from these conversations was the fact that no one should be embarrassed when they turn to a professional for help in putting together a special event, such as a birthday, anniversary or any type of celebration. My problem used to be that I believed it was cheating if I didn’t do everything by myself for any festive occasion. My friends have been instrumental in assisting me to get over my phobia and now I will probably be the first to turn to a party rental option. Naturally, I will research carefully in order to choose the rental place that best suits my needs when I am in the party preparation mode. That all being said, I should now encourage my fellow book club members to get back to the topic we are gathered together to discuss….the book of the month that we were supposed to be reading. The next meeting will undoubtedly be focused on literature but, then again, who knows what our little group might find more interesting to talk about!

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Working From Home

I work at home using my computer for business and personal activities and the more I use the internet, the more pop up ads I receive. Now companies are actually turning to the web to advertise their services and products. I find myself fascinated at how many different businesses and services are available these days. I see life insurance, accident insurance, automobile insurance, home warranty service, towing service, pressure washing and roofing companies. Then there are the buying and selling markets, CraigsList and Ebay and countless others taking over the field of marketing via the worldwide web. Coincidentally, recently I was planning a property remodel and wanted to have my cement driveway, patio and house siding thoroughly cleaned. Ordinary washing procedures failed to do the job properly and when I least expected it, the words, “Pressure Washing Company St. Pete” popped up on my Facebook page. Now I know where to look for services of every nature. If it’s not in the newspaper or yellow pages, I can turn to the internet and I will be sure to find anything and everything I need or want. There seems to be no end to the amount of businesses available these days. The abundance seems like it would be a good thing (and it is) but, truth be told, I do feel overwhelmed at times with making the decision of which company to choose. For instance, do I decide based on price or quality of service? Do I judge a place by the reviews it receives on it’s site or do I use my own instincts? An array of choices can create a sea of confusion. Still, I guess it’s better to have more to consider than nothing at all. In conclusion, I believe that I will use all the information that I can muster before making a final decision when searching for a company service.

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Questions To Ask When Hiring A Hood Cleaning Service Company  

In selecting a professional hood cleaning service is a big decision to make. One factor that could be potentially overwhelming is when you are living in an area where you have multiple options. There could be also a lot of different guidelines in cleaning as well as standards to go after for different kinds of equipment in performing hood cleaning. 

Cleaning Service Company  

However, regardless of the job there are overarching questions that you should ask and that remain the same for any cleaning agency. So, what are the things need to be discussed upon hiring a cleaning vendor? Inquiring the following topics must be the first step in order for you to identify the best service.   

First of all, check for education, accreditations and experience of the company.  Before hiring a cleaning vendor, you must confirm if the company is certified and people who will perform the job are professionally trained, educated and certified as well as capable of carrying out the maintenance accordingly and as to what your kitchen requires. Also, while discussing this matter you can as well inquire if how long the company have been doing hood cleaning, how they are training their employees and the employees have credentials and other possible questions regarding the certification that you think is necessary.   

Another thing to consider is the bond, licensing and liability insurance, this is because mistake do happen, so you need to make sure that there is insurance intended for monetary damage, physical damage as well as any other incident this is to ensure if something not good happen you and the company are protected by an insurance.   

It is also important that the hood cleaning service that you will consider have the right knowledge about NFPA-96. As an owner you want to evade fire at any cost so it a must to make sure that the company is knowledgeable about the potential risks, fire codes and how to avoid any harmful problem and what are the things need to be done if any of these happen. In addition to this, confirm if with the hood cleaning company if their employees know how to thoroughly deep clean the kitchen exhaust, you can also ask their methods in cleaning bare metal.   

Having a general knowledge about the cleaning conduct is also necessary, confirm if the company is aware about the general cleaning procedures in the kitchen. This process includes sending a technician to meet the owner, wrapping the equipment with plastic, degreasing foam as well as understanding which part of the kitchen exhaust equipment must be cleaned. Also, if you feel it’s necessary do some light test or quizzing to measure the knowledge of the following guidelines.   

Above all look for reference that may be available from the company’s current and previous clients. A good cleaning company will surely boast their good reviews and happy customers and but it will also help to be aware of the downside. So, it is a must that you do your homework prior to hiring a hood cleaning service. 

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Tips for a Successful and Safe Pressure Washing Project 

Indeed, a pressure washing is really a great way in keeping your walkway, driveway as well as the house exterior in order to look neat and clean. Also, it is a good way to get rid of the bacteria mold and mildew.  

Safe Pressure Washing

While many would think that pressure washing looks like a harmless chore, actually it’s the opposite it can be dangerous if performed without enough information and with the right precautions. But there are ways that can aid your pressure washing project to go safely and smoothly.   

First tip is you choose the right equipment. First thing that you need to make sure is the machine that you will be using, make sure it dispenses the right and ample amount of water as well as the cleaning solution.  Also, in some cases it’s possible to remove or lighten some of the grime or mildew by only using pressurized water. However, if you want to achieve a thorough and a long lasting clean, water can’t just do it so you will need to use some cleaning solutions to remove dirt.   

Another tip is to know and learn how to operate the pressure washing equipment. You must consider that there are types of materials that might shatter if too much pressure is being applied, and this will a possible risk. Also, you need to wear protective coverings, it is recommended to wear gloves and boots just like most of the DIYers and professionals do while performing pressure washing. It is as well recommended to wear a rain slicker or any other outer garment that can be used as your protection in getting excessively wet while doing the project.   

In addition, one of the most important things to do is to never skip the prep work. Just keep in mind that the grass and plants around your home can be easily damaged if proper precaution is not performed, so it is always good to prepare the area prior to starting the project. If possible soak down all the plants prior, during and after you do the pressure washing. It will dilute the chemicals and will keep it from sticking to the plants and will no longer harm your plants. 

Also, it is important to move any vehicles, also if you have outer furniture make sure to cover them as well.   

Another important tip is safety first. It is important that you consult your machine manuals prior to performing the task of pressure washing. This way you will understand that high water pressure can actually cause a severe damage and severe injury to your property and to yourself or other while doing the pressure washing. So, it is vital that you know the proper way of handling the equipment.  

In addition, you must know the limit of the equipment or machine that you will be using. Generally, grime, mildew and dirt are just easy to remove. However, there are certain stains that are tough to remove especially the deep-set stains like rust motor oil stains or fertilizer that if you are not careful enough you could cause more damage than cleaning them. 

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